TI$A Vintage Snapback Caps

Posted by Capo, March 25th, 2011 05:03 pm under Custom, Opinion, Vintage


Can’t knock the hustle. Taz Arnold’s, (1/3 of the Production team SA-RA Creative Partners – DAMN good music), TI$A brand has gotten quite a lot of traction with a certain group of snapback fans that are willing to pay above and beyond for some after market embroidery. In a streak of pure genius, Taz fresh off his stab at licensing MCM, picked up on the snapback comeback and put his own stamp on the game. Take note; there’s a dollar sign in the brand name. On the low side of things, a San Diego Sharks will run you $55. On the high side, Kobe’s Lakers will run you $90. What’s the appeal? We’re clueless. Regardless of our opinion, his online webstore stays well stocked with his inscribed vintage caps, and the customers keep lining up. Everybody’s got their something. Side note, Sa-Ra “Hollywood” > Bilal “Hollywood”. No shots.