Vintage NBA “Seattle Supersonics Suede” Snapback Cap

Posted by Capo, April 6th, 2011 08:04 pm under NBA, Vintage


Say it with me one time – SUEDE. Sounds as smooth as it feels. It’s those small details that can turn an “I’ll think about it”. to a “I gotta have it.”. Everybody has their weaknesses and we’re biased about two tone suede snapbacks. Granted suede is a material that is pretty particular about how its handled. Greasy fingers back off this one. Pictured here is a dead stock vintage Seattle Supersonics cap. This logo type ran from 1975 to 1995 and was the last to refer to the team by its full name. 2008 brought an end to the team, both relocating to Oklahoma and changing its name to the Thunder after a buy out. This throwback can be found at BRIM REAPERS.