Pass The Bucket with DENNIS MARTINEZ [Video]

Posted by Capo, April 19th, 2011 02:04 am under Skate, Video


VAN’s video series, Pass The Bucket profiles former Pro Skater DENNIS MARTINEZ. At 16, Martinez was one of VANS original sponsored skateboarders, winning the 1977 World Freestyle and 1978 U.S. Championships. 
A bout with a drug addiction saw him fall from earning $40,000 a month to robbing to feed his habit. Years later, sober, and stronger he has dedicated the latter part of his life to rehabilitating the marginalized, institutionalized, and forgotten people of our country. 
His largest success has been establishing the Training Center in San Diego,
 a drug and rehabilitation center in Spring Valley, CA. He also works as a volunteer prison chaplain at Calipatria State Prison. 
Recently, Dennis has teamed up with the San Diego SWAT and Police forces to attack the major gang and drug problem that has risen along the border, by implementing a youth diversion program. In the past 3 years crime has decreased by 47%. 
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