BANDIT-1$M x MISHKA x TOAL “Liar” Snapback Cap

Posted by Capo, May 4th, 2011 07:05 am under News


I just got familiar with Canadian brand BANDIT-1$M. I’m upset I missed the Rebel Without a Pause snapback with Quintin, but I didn’t miss their latest project with Mishka and Truth Of A Liar. The cap comes with the following instructions: “Do not wear this hat when you apply for your bank loan. You will not get it. Do not wear this hat to a job interview, they will not trust you. Actually, don’t wear a baseball hat to any job interview unless you’re applying to be a baseball player. WARNING: If you wear this hat around Henry Rollins he may try to turn you into him. That’s a little Rollins Band humor for all you Rollins fans and old people out there.” Words for the wise. Released last month this is“>available online and at their

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