Vintage DREW PEARSON x NFL “Los Angeles Raiders” Snapback

Posted by Capo, May 9th, 2011 04:05 am under Drew Pearson, Vintage


In the aftermath of a complicated Anti-trust suit, spear headed by former head coach and General Partner Al Davis, the Oakland Raiders relocated to Los Angeles in 1982. The team played there for 12 years, winning Superbowl XVIII in 1983. Originally the team’s official colors were Black and Gold. In the early 60’s when Al Davis became head coach and general manager, he overhauled the team’s look, which has remained for the most part unchanged since. Gold was replaced with silver and the now infamous Shield featuring the eye patched “Raider” (rumored to be a portrait of the late American Actor Randolph Scott.*) was added to the helmet. Pictured here is a vintage DREW PEARSON x NFL “Los Angeles” Raiders snapback in deadstock condition offered by NEW JACK CITY SF

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