MOTIVATION x MISHKA “Scum Bowl” Snapback Cap

Posted by Capo, May 14th, 2011 05:05 am under News


In celebration of their 3 Year Anniversary, MOTIVATION collaborated with MISHKA on a set of t-shirts and a snapback hat. Since MTVN is located on the University of Michigan’s campus, they wanted to create a design that took influence from the rich college football tradition of the school. The designs were based on a vintage collegiate football bowl game, with a Mishka twist. The ‘Scum Bowl’ theme was created and it pits our Motivation team against Mishka’s Death Adders in a battle for The Best of the Worst. The hat features a unique embroidered felt patch, exactly like those used on vintage commemorative collegiate bowl game hats. 100% Acrylic. This Mishka x Motivation Scum Bowl snapback hat is limited to 72 of each produced and is only available at