8-BIT ZOMBIE “Mushroom Kingdom” Mesh Snapback Caps

//8-BIT ZOMBIE “Mushroom Kingdom” Mesh Snapback Caps
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8-BIT ZOMBIE “Mushroom Kingdom” Mesh Snapback Caps

*Mario Coin ring* Need a companion when traveling to Mushroom Kingdom? Why not take your 8-BIT ZOMBIE “Mushroom Kingdom” snapback cap? 8-BIT is a clothing company based out of Colorado Springs, Ohio. They love to take “all things 80’s – Movies, music, cartoons, toys and of course the 8-bit NES,” and make apparel out of it. But, of course with a hint of Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, Ghosts and “other things that go bump in the night.” Available in small and regular sizes, in colors: Neon Green (regular size only), Red/White, and Grey. Now available for $12 at the 8-BIT ZOMBIE online store.



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