THE AMPAL CREATIVE “Pair-A-Thighs” Snapback Cap

//THE AMPAL CREATIVE “Pair-A-Thighs” Snapback Cap
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THE AMPAL CREATIVE “Pair-A-Thighs” Snapback Cap

THE AMPAL CREATIVE celebrates the tropical days of Summer and the lovely ladies that come with them. Their recent collection has a nostalgic vintage edge to it. Pictured above is their “Pair-A-Thighs” snapback cap. The style features the company’s patch up front, a Cream coil on the brim. The main focus, of course is the brightly colored fabric print, which has all the looks of a dream vacation across the six panels. If you can’t escape the daily grind for your dream paradise, this might just help the hurt – a little. Now available at the BEACHLIFE DISTRIBUTION online store.



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