ROIAL “Summer” Snapback Cap

Posted by DeeJae, June 5th, 2011 04:06 am under News


ROIAL was founded in Huntington Beach, CA by a crew of surfers who respected the waters and the lifestyle of the waves. That mindset and way of life has reached across the Pacific and touched down in Japan, where the ROIAL brand is now based. The surf Culture in Japan is taking on a life of its own and mixing in a good amount of Japanese style into the fashion end. For the summer collection they have released a wide range of Snapback Caps, and this is one of them. The Summer Snapback has mesh back with an adjustable snap. The unique thing about this style is the Terrycloth front and brim with an embroidered “R”. This cap is comes in 6 colors and available on the ROIAL webstore.