ROYALEFAM “Garage Days Trucker” Snapback Cap

Posted by DeeJae, June 6th, 2011 05:06 am under News


ROYALEFAM is the design company behind the SBTG brand of custom sneakers. Hailing out of Singapore, the ROYALEFAM Crew has been paving the way for the Street Wear scene in their Home Country. SBTG artist Mark Ong started out customizing sneakers for fun and just just for the love of it, until he caught the eyes of some hug hitters, with the likes of Nike, DC, and New Balance hiring him for artists collabs. This Snapback Cap is a classic Trucker Meshcap that is part of the brands “Garage Days” collection with the SBTG signature logo patched on the front. It comes in 3 colors and is available at