BANDIT-1$M “Oh Merde” Snapback Cap Preview

//BANDIT-1$M “Oh Merde” Snapback Cap Preview
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BANDIT-1$M “Oh Merde” Snapback Cap Preview

We take your cash, we give you swagg, is BANDIT-1$M‘s motto. The company was founded in 2007 by Scien and Klor, its name echoes their evolution: first renowned for their graffiti pieces, they became sought after for their signature style and strong designs. Here we see their “Oh Merde” snapback cap with a “Bandit-1$M” embroidery next to the snaps and a patch on the left side. The hats come in Orange/Black, Black/White, and Red/White. You can get news about the release of these caps by following their newsletter at






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