SEA “Emory Community” Snapback Hat

Posted by Rodrigo, June 18th, 2011 01:06 am under News


SEA is a brand that recognizes social issues, using snapbacks as a medium to help with causes that effect people around the world. Each color of snapback represents a different cause and different non-profit organization. The organizations they help support are Domestic Poverty, Global poverty, The Emory Community and the UNC Community. For those unfamiliar with these organization here is some information.

UNC at Chapel Hill, as the nation’s first public university, redefined higher education and access to opportunity. It broke barriers by serving the public and fosters public service beyond the classroom. The significance is deep: students understand and are encouraged to give back, work tirelessly for the same public that funds their phenomenal education. It’s an obligation, one that students welcome. UNC’s Center for Social Justice, celebrating its 150th anniversary and remarkable history in SEA’s founding year, has provided David and Jon with ample opportunity and learning experiences in the social sector, and supporting it is central to SEA’s mission.

Emory University has produced some of the most distinguished public servants and community activists in our nation. Brian Gallagher, President of the United Way, is only the tip of the iceberg. The students today, with their refreshing creativity and commitment, are bound to do great things, an extension of their current work. Volunteer Emory facilitates service opportunities that contribute to the profound personal and community development.

How to “fix” (or more appropriately: not cause) widespread and extreme global poverty is debatable, but one thing is certain: human kinship demands a fierce fight to end it. Third world countries are trapped in a state of economic dependence, within a global system that disables advancement and pumps excess wealth toward an elite “core.” Global commerce and capitalism are realities on the world stage: let’s make them work for everybody. Join the fight

Domestic poverty, in the midst of plenty, is unacceptable. We are not pushing a political agenda, nor are we saying truly “earned” disparity isn’t fair or appropriate, but inherent disadvantage is simply not right. The beautiful thing about America is that everyone has access to opportunity; the not so beautiful thing is that same opportunity is unevenly, unfairly distributed. Help make America a beautiful society, for all.

The Emory Snapback shown here is Navy Blue with Gold SEA embroidery on the crown and a wave detail on the left side panel and gold brim. This is available here