ALIEN WORKSHOP “Solo Parenth” Mesh Snapback Cap

Posted by Woody, October 13th, 2011 11:10 pm under News

Ohio based skate brand Alien Workshop was founded in 1990 by Mike Hill and Chris Carter. The cult television series ‘The X-Files was created by a guy named Chris Carter in 1993. No its not the same Chris Carter but what a great coincidence, Alien Workshop gets a great deal of its design inspiration from the extra terrestrial much like The X-Files recurring use of Aliens throughout its nine year television run. UFO’s, alien life forms, and the unknown have been a huge part of American culture for many years and Alien Workshop has taken this infatuation and harnessed it in their designs. Their latest drop is called the Solo Parenth and features a Black body with a High Density Sonic Weld logo on the front panel.