DQM “Castillo” Snapback Hats

//DQM “Castillo” Snapback Hats
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DQM “Castillo” Snapback Hats

DMQ have come fresh with 5 different colorways for the “Castillo” snapback hat. You can chose from Navy with Tan, Black and White stripe, Tan with Black and Red with Navy. The front panel features a patch with the DQM logo and establishment date.

DQM opened in 2003 in Manhattan’s Bowery area. It was founded by professional skateboarder Chris Keeffe who was born and raised in  New York City. DQM strives to represent the counterculture of the beatniks, punk rockers and most importantly the skateboarders. So far they have collaborated with Vans, Nike, Crescent Down Works, Stormy Kromer, G-Shock, Adidas, and Incase.

You can cop yours at www.DQMnewyork.com.

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