LRG “Hustle Trees” Snapback Cap

Posted by Woody, October 19th, 2011 11:10 pm under News

As a kid we pulled out the same cheesy, broken down tree every Christmas for about 15 years straight. The box was raggedy, limbs were bent and missing, the stand was crooked and leaned to the side, it was terrible. With these horrifying memories in mind, I decided to go real instead of plastic last Christmas, vowing to keep my holiday fresh. So the hunt was on and within a couple of days I settled on a 6 footer that set me back 60 bucks. I had no idea a Christmas tree would cost that much, the guy who owned the tree lot was making a killing, his product was moving like hotcakes. LRG might be on to something. The Hustle Trees snapback features a Black crown with a Green, Red and Yellow patch on the front panel and a Black plastic snap closure.