YOUNG RICH & BORED “Zillions” Snapback Cap

Posted by Woody, October 19th, 2011 11:10 pm under News

Whats in a name?…. Everything, if your clothing brands name is Young Rich and Bored. The Zillions hat is a play on the brands catchy name, its also a nod to the fictional rich kid Richie Rich. Richie Rich made his debut in the 1953 comic Little Dot and has been the envy of normal kids ever since. He had every toy known to man, a butler, maid, money for days, and a dog with dollar sign spots, what more could a kid ask for. The Zillion snapback cap features a Black crown with a coin and Z currency sign on the front panel while the back is adorned with the Young Rich & Bored name. Available at the YBR webstore.