RADISRAD “Dyno-Mike” Snapback Hat

//RADISRAD “Dyno-Mike” Snapback Hat
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RADISRAD “Dyno-Mike” Snapback Hat

RADISRAD is a fun company. Their name stands for “Random Artistic Design”. You can experience their quirky art in this “Dyno-Mike” snapback cap. This hat comes in a Red body with a Black brim and snap. The front embroidery features a cute little dinosaur rocking shades and a fresh pair of kicks. The underbrim comes in the classic Kelly Green and the inside crown piping features their name.

Radisrad is a California based company. They stand for anything from “Monks, zebras that are elephants, pianos, mohawks, quantum physics, or perhaps a partridge in a pear tree”. Everything is completely random in their graphics. Some things have meanings and some don’t. Some designs are simple, others are complex.

You can cop yours at their website at shop.radisrad.com.

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