TOUGH LOVE NYC x NEW ERA “JHeart” Snapback Hat 9fifty Cap

Posted by Aly, October 25th, 2011 04:10 am under New Era 9Fifty

TOUGH LOVE NYC is a brand bred in the streets of New York City. It was created by and for females. They have some pretty dope stuff. They attitude of this brand is “Take no sh*t”. Jes, the creator, was brought up in in 90’s where it was cool to wear baggy clothes like the boys. She partied it up with the fellas. Her kick ass attitude is personified into her pieces. Tough Love NYC collaborated with NEW ERA for the “JHeart” snapback hat. It comes in an all Black body. The front embroidery is the logo Black heart in the middle.

You can cop yours at


Hello!! Where can I buy this tough love snap back? This link won't work!!