THE SWAGGER SALON “Lansi” Snapback Cap

//THE SWAGGER SALON “Lansi” Snapback Cap
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THE SWAGGER SALON “Lansi” Snapback Cap

This just isn’t your regular barber, it’s THE SWAGGER SALON. The brand previously known as FLVR Clothing still has the same aim of “[making] hip-hop look good once again with a variety of apparel so you can flaunt your swagger in every manner.” By the look of the fairly (or more than moderately) suggestive pictures provided by their LANSI 2011 Lookbook (HERE), you see where their coming from in terms of eye candy (lots and lots of eye candy), swagger, and style.

Today, we’re presented with their signature “Lansi” snapback cap available in four colorways. These include, Hot Black, Salon Special, Cool Grey, and Badass Black II. On the front is “Lansi” in 3D baseball script. On the left panel is the label logo—a barber’s pole, and in the back is “Loud & Proud” in White for all colorways. To get yours now, click HERE.








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