AMERICAN NEEDLE x MLB “Arizona Diamondbacks Dotty Pin” Snapback Cap

Posted by Woody, November 19th, 2011 11:11 pm under American Needle

As the NBA lockout continues to drag on, Major League Baseball and the players union have wasted no time in establishing a new 5 year CBA. I guess both sides watched closely as the NFL and NBA got into knock down drag out fights with their respective players, resulting in bad publicity and fan disgust. The Arizona Diamondbacks have only been around for 13 years but they have managed to establish a winning tradition in their short existence so I’m sure Diamondbacks ownership wants to keep rolling. The AMERICAN NEEDLE snapback cap featured hear sports a Black Crown with Purple chalk stripe and the Diamondbacks script logo circa 1998-2006 on the front panel. Available now at Onspotz.American-Needle-x-MLB-Arizona-Diamondbacks-Dotty-Pin-Snapback-2-web