SUPERB “Rothstein” Snapback Cap

Posted by Maui, November 28th, 2011 02:11 am under Style

Bury the opposition. In the movie Casino (of 1995) Robert DeNiro plays Ace Rothstein, a fantastic bookie who is chosen to run the Tangiers Hotel and Casino. Rothstein was not the most brutal character yet he maintained power due to the fact he gained much respect from mob bosses around his area.

SUPERB LA “has built its brand on the concept of power,” so this “Rothstein” snapback cap clearly (and very cleverly) relates. When we first featured the brand with their “The Signed” hat (HERE), Fall was just beginning. Seasons change, and with Christmas around the corner this cap can make the perfect gift.

As shown above, the front crown features “Rothstein” embroidered in large 3D White letters on a Red shape. The backdrop for this cap is Navy Blue while the bill is a nice Brown leather-like texture. In the back are White snaps. Hurry and geut yours now for half off by clicking HERE.

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