HANTU “I’m Dope” Snapback Cap

//HANTU “I’m Dope” Snapback Cap
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HANTU “I’m Dope” Snapback Cap

THE HANTU COLLECTIVE consists of groups of artists, designers, writers, dancers, musicians that collaborate, rework, and create top-notch fashion designs. Based in South Yorkshire, England, the collective loves to shop, hang out, or even flash-mob. Feeding off of inspiration from activities like these make the brand’s apparel so inspired. After all, “[they] do [this all] because it’s a lot of fun.”

The “I’m Dope” snapback cap is just one of their many creations. On the front crown is a Black chat bubble with “I’m Freakin’ Dope. True Story!” written in White. The backdrop for this hat takes Blue. Get yours immediately by clicking HERE.


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