WHADAFUNK x THE HOOD CHEF “Whadafunk Classic” Snapback Cap [Video]

Posted by Maui, December 15th, 2011 04:12 am under News, Video

New York natives, John Gutierrez and Ed Santos founded WHADAFUNK in 2005 with the goal of creating the freshest new clothing out with an affordable price. They also want to make you excited “about buying new clothes again. So go for it.” Consume with courage and have faith in the WHADAFUNK way of life.

The brand has collaborated with THE HOOD CHEF for this “Whadafunk Classic” snapback cap. Features include a colored bill, a designed embroidery on the front crown, and a coil in between. Fortunately for those picky about colors, they’re offering three separate colorways: Black/Teal, Black/Red, and lastly White/Teal. To get yours immediately, click HERE.

In the video, the team kicks it “at the Funhouse” with THE HOOD CHEF and introduce their newest creation. Check it out below. Swag, (yes, that just happened).