FULLOUT “Diamond 8” Snapback Cap

//FULLOUT “Diamond 8” Snapback Cap
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FULLOUT “Diamond 8” Snapback Cap

FULLOUT CLOTHING was founded by David Bao in late 2010 when he was tired of uninspired “elitist” messages on T-shirts and other apparel in Bay Area, San Francisco. Instead of letting it slide, Bao took action and began to design his very own clothing. Today, the “Diamond 8” snapback cap is presented to us as just a small part of Bao’s mission to “push positive messages of empowerment and common identity throughout [his] community.”

As shown above, the front crown features a diamond outlined in Black with “8” in Roman numerals stitched. The backdrop for this hat is Red. Above the snaps in the back “Fullout” is written. To get yours now, jsut click HERE.



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