THE MUPPITS “Furry Kermit” Snapback Cap

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THE MUPPITS “Furry Kermit” Snapback Cap

Jim Henson’s THE MUPPITS, return to the spot light with the “Furry Kermit” snapback cap. The name “Muppet” stems from combining the words “marionette” and “puppet”. Henson made it up all the way in 1956. 55 years later, the brand has grown into an empire with a recently critically acclaimed successful self-titled movie.

Your favorite furry friend, Kermit decided to take over this hat. The backdrop is well… a green fur paradise while the front crown consists of Mr. K’s large, kind of awkward eyes. His mouth takes over the whole bill. It’s the perfect holiday gift! (If that’s what your into) Place your bid on eBay now HERE.



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