Maui’s Top 5 Snapback Caps of 2011

//Maui’s Top 5 Snapback Caps of 2011
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Maui’s Top 5 Snapback Caps of 2011

Snapbacks back! No matter what the haters say, this year was all about our favorite cap. 2011 brought the greatest creative designs to the forefront, and I am proud to say I was apart of it. Here are my favorite caps of the year in order of less to most loved.


5. NATURE’S MISTAKE “The Bay” Snapback Cap

This was one of my favorite caps of the year mainly because it’s quality. Seeing a lot of hats that just have a regular embroidery on the front crown everyday is quite annoying, and it’s a waste of a perfect canvas! NATURE’S MISTAKE did their thing with this one by utilizing all of the hat’s area’s. In addition, the brand logo looks gorgeous.

4. TODDLAND “Here Fishy Fishy Fishy” Snapback Cap

Haha, when I first saw this I really took a triple take because this hat is (1) risky, (2) weird, and (3) genius. Believe or not, if it was Halloween or some costume event I might actually wear this. I’ve always admired TODDLAND as a great brand because they’ve never been afraid of risks.

3. STUSSY x PERKS & MINI “P.A.M. Massi” Snapback

This collaboration had to be on my top 5 for sure. No other snapback this year was quite like this one. Hey, I mean it’s high-end fashion with polka dots. In addition, this hat could of been a disaster with such a busy backdrop and no embroideries or anything else. Fortunately, it turned out well and I am glad the boutique skate world of STUSSY worked great with the art-inspired designers at PERKS & MINI.

2. THA ALUMNI Snapback Caps

I believe this is one of the most underrated snapback caps this year. Not only because I love Kid Ink (rap artist signed with THA ALUMNI) but this simplistic cap can be worn anywhere, anytime of day. Not too plain, and not too lame. Plus they’ve created some great colorways.

1. PHRE$HCRU “D-BOY” Snapback Cap

Best cap of the year hands down. Besides the great women in their lookbooks, the CRU’s caps are always stellar quality and I have not seen one hat match up to the creativity of this one in 2011. The Black puffy leather as the backdrop. All White circle brand emblem on the front. Classic Green underbill. You can really see the PHRE$HCRU was inspired by Los Angeles and the high-end look they strive for. Salute.

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