Woody’s Top 5 Snapback Caps of 2011

//Woody’s Top 5 Snapback Caps of 2011
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Woody’s Top 5 Snapback Caps of 2011

2011 was a hell of a year for the snapback cap. Prior to 2011 the cap scene was dominated by Fitteds, 5 Panels, and the dreaded Flexfit (Gas Face). I have to admit, I didn’t think the phenomenon would last but obviously I was wrong. With 2011 being such a prolific year it was tough to choose a top 5 list but after hours of researching here is my fab 5 of 2011 in no particular order.



1. MISHKA “Kill For Peace” Snapback Cap

This one takes me back to my favorite neighborhood bodega as a kid. I spent many a summer day with my hand dug into the stores deep freezer digging for 25 cent icees. The dude behind the counter’s name was Jose and he was from Columbia, he was pretty rough looking and always talked about the horrible things he had seen in his come country. He always wore this tee shirt with a skull donning a beret and the words ‘Kill em all and let God sort em out’. Every time I went in to the store I would stare at his tee, fast forward and some years and I caught a glimpse of this snapback from MISHKA, instant nostalgia. Killin em all.


2. HUF “F**K It!” Snapback Cap

It Be’s like that sometime. Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Neighbors getting on your nerves? Did your dog eat your homework? Yeah I know we’ve all had those kind of days. Its obvious that the folks over at HUF have had more than their share because they’ve designed the perfect snapback for a day like this. The camo works great with the bright patch and the perfect mantra for a bad day. F**K IT.


3. ROCKWELL “I Like” Snapback Cap

I’m not exactly sure when the thumbs up sign became the universal symbol for liking something but I do know I was first exposed to it watching Siskel and Ebert’s ‘At The Movies’. The show was about 2 film critics watching a bunch of movies then giving their opinion on each film. Each critic took a turn talking about the flick then gave a final vote on whether they liked it or not, thumbs down meant it was bad and thumbs up meant it was good. I’m not sure if the artist Parra has ever seen this show but he definitely makes the thumbs up look real good right here. Bravo.The-Chimp-Store-x-Indcsn-Snapback-Cap-web


This cap is Bananas, pun fully intended. I’m not a huge fan of the Banana as a fruit, I can never get over the mushy texture and brown spots on the skin. After seeing this release my view of the yellow fruit has changed somewhat, at least as far as the aesthetics go. I take it more seriously now, no longer is it all about mush and cartoon characters slipping on the peels. Thanks to the folks at The Chimp Store and INDCSN the Banana has arrived. See ya Chiquita.

Rocksmith Daft Rock snapback cap

5. ROCKSMITH “Daft Rock” Snapback Cap

Color is a wonderful thing, when used correctly that is. It can instantly take the plain every day and make it pop and stand out. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with keeping it plain jane but every now and then you gotta break out and make a statement. The people at Rocksmith definitely want to help out because this release hit all the right notes, not too much color or too little but just right. The splash of Gold on the front panel is perfect, rock this snapback and you’ll truly be in living color.




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