MISHKA “ETD!” Snapback Cap

//MISHKA “ETD!” Snapback Cap
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MISHKA “ETD!” Snapback Cap

It’s not the Terminator, it’s not Arnold Schwarzenegger… it’s MISHKA NYC back and “Engineered To Destroy” with this snapback cap. If you are unfamiliar with the brand do note their clothing has expanded from only their store to small boutiques, online distributors, and other retailers worldwide with no signs of stopping. This is just one product of their vast catalogue.

As shown above, two backdrops (Red and Black) are available for this work of art. With both versions, the front crown features “Engineered To Destroy” in White embroidered letters across. The bill for the Red is Navy Blue while the Black is also Black. On the right side is a Wolf patch stitched with Red eyes (yikes!). To get yours now, just click HERE.





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