AMPAL CREATIVE “For Gorbals: Chef’s” Snapback Cap Preview

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AMPAL CREATIVE “For Gorbals: Chef’s” Snapback Cap Preview

The Gorbals is a spot for new and diverse ideas. For tasty, oddball food that is there for anyone who is willing to eat something that does not fall into a category. It is not an Italian restaurant, or an Indian restaurant, or a Scottish restaurant, or a Los Angeles restaurant, nor is it new age, traditional, old school, fusion, pretentious or plain. It is simply The Gorbals.”

AMPAL CREATIVE‘s favorite restaurant happens to be just a few blocks from them. To express the CREATIVE team’s love for food, they decided to craft a snapback for the wonderful chef’s at GORBALS that make us readers clench our stomachs in hunger.

The right side has elastic slots for holding a meat thermometer and Sharpie. The brim is made from industrial vinyl, so if a chef has to adjust his/her hat with greasy hands, they can wipe it off later. In addition, they’ve sourced a special vinyl backed diamond knit sweatband to keep it cool in the heat of the kitchen. It’s the perfect cooking buddy!

Unfortunately, this masterpiece of a cap is not yet available for purchase but we sure will let you all know when it is.


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