CRAE “That Sh*t Crae” Snapback Cap

Posted by Maui, February 13th, 2012 01:02 am under News

The epic “Watch The Throne” tour has finished. However the infamous “that sh*t cray” tagline lives on. Southern apparel company CRAE, takes a spin on the line with their “That Sh*t Crae” snapback cap. Though the moniker can be used in two ways.

CRAE stands for “creating real art expressions” which demonstrates how one can create self confidence & feel empowered in any situation by simply being themselves with a strong emphasis on individuality. Therefore, when you where this hat and someone else feels offended (most likely not), just tell them the alternate definition.

As shown above, this cap’s front crown is similar to a ZEPHYR hat setup with the brand name written in large 3D letters across. In addition this hat is available in two different colorways: Red and/or Black. Get yours today HERE.