THE SWAGGER SALON “Taikor” Snapback Cap

//THE SWAGGER SALON “Taikor” Snapback Cap
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THE SWAGGER SALON “Taikor” Snapback Cap

No one likes the persistence of an annoying person. Especially if that one is all give and no take. THE SWAGGER SALON delivers this bad ass snapback cap that does not only reveal your power as a “Taikor,” but can be used an enforcer for your ego. The brand previously known as FLVR Clothing still has the same aim of “[making] hip-hop look good once again with a variety of apparel so you can flaunt your swagger in every manner.”

As shown above, the main features is a 3D White embroidery on the front crown spelling “Taikor.” A black backdrop takes over the rest of the panels. On the left is a small White patch. Get yours today by clicking HERE.



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