THE RANGERS “Ranger Gang” Snapback Cap

//THE RANGERS “Ranger Gang” Snapback Cap
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THE RANGERS “Ranger Gang” Snapback Cap

Before “the bernie,” before the “stanky legg,” before the rap group, the New Boyz got hype… there was THE RANGERS. Their often credited as the founders of the “jerk” movement hailing from California and signed with Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Recordings. The three members of the group—Day Day, Langston, and Julian—are all under the age of 18 but still continue to work harder than their peers to make it to the top.

Their “Ranger Gang” snapback cap is just one of the ways the group has expanded their horizons. Formed like the RUN DMC logo, “Ranger Gang” occupies the front crown in large 3D letters. Multiple backdrops are available including Red (shown above), Black, and Black on Red. Get yours today HERE.



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