THE PERALTA PROJECT “Uptown” Snapback Cap Preview

//THE PERALTA PROJECT “Uptown” Snapback Cap Preview
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THE PERALTA PROJECT “Uptown” Snapback Cap Preview

Art in progress. New York City native M. Tony Peralta created THE PERALTA PROJECT after his first group art show in 2004 received substantial acclaim. In the show, Peralta showcased three original paintings, one of them being the crowd favorite “Gaza Strip” aka “Freedom.” Later, Peralta pressed multiple t-shirts and sold them through NYC’s premier boutiques including Vault Harlem, Probus, Goliath, and more. Peralta calls his clothing a project, rather than a brand. It’s an extension of his artwork in “wearable form.” There for when looking at the “Uptown” snapback cap, look closely and marvel (no touching the art!).

No release date is set, but we’ll keep our eyes out.

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