VOLCOM “Phobic Cheese” Mesh Snapback Cap

Posted by Maui, March 14th, 2012 12:03 am under Skate, Surf, Trucker

Youth against establishment. “Whether you’re fist pumping or simply starting a raucous, the ‘Phobic Cheese’ [snapback cap] backs your mission with vengeance.” If you haven’t heard of the VOLCOM brand, you’ve probably wiped out on those waves or mountains too many times to remember.

During March of 1991, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall set off on a snowboard trip that would forever change their lives. After being snowed in for a whole weekend RIchard thought of his life back home. As soon as Richard arrived back he quit his job to take some time off and snowboard. Both Richard and Tucker then began thinking of starting their own clothing brand. The idea was solidified with a $5000 investment from Richard’s dad’s investment. Who knew years later their small brand would become a internationally known household brand.

As shown above the hat features a Leather/plastic like strip on the front crown with the trademark carved out. Below a cord can be observed, and the backdrop for the whole cap is Grey. Get yours today by simply clicking HERE.