FUGLY MCGILLICUDDY “Cash Money” Snapback Cap

//FUGLY MCGILLICUDDY “Cash Money” Snapback Cap
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FUGLY MCGILLICUDDY “Cash Money” Snapback Cap

“Legend has it, FUGLY MCGILLICUDDY is a young man who has an amazing artistic ability to draw. He was born w/ unfortunate looks and as a child he was teased in school. He felt like an outcast, so he always stayed penned up in his room and began to draw at an early age. In order to feel less like a freak he drew monstrous images of people and animals to be a part of a world. A world that looked like him and a place where he could fit in. The fabric is his canvas and the images are his release. Welcome to his world, the world of FUGLY MCGILLICUDDY.”

The “Cash Money” snapback cap helps bring Mcgillicuddy’s drawing ability to life with a Red 3D embroidery on the Black front crown. In the back above the snaps, “FUGLY” is stitched in large Red letters. Get yours today by simply clicking HERE.


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