Maui’s Top Snapbacks of March

//Maui’s Top Snapbacks of March
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Maui’s Top Snapbacks of March

Here is a monthly new segment I will be starting, talking about (or more like analyzing) my favorite snapbacks of the month. Each of these will be rated in order from worst of the best (5) to the best of the best (1). NOTE: if you like any of the caps I mentioned and would like to purchase, just click on the cap name below the applicable photo.


5. JERSEY SHORE “No Grenades” Trucker Snapback Cap

I mean let’s be honest here, this is a novelty hat. I live in New York City. I know for a fact if I walked around with this on my head I would surely be crowned the city’s newest Naked Cowboy… ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the point. However, the hat does somewhat make a statement, and if you want to make a couple of jokes with your friends while drinking and talking about girls, then hey, you can’t really go wrong with this one.


4. HUF x STARTER “Hawaiian” Snapback Caps

This highly anticipated drop was one of my favorites of March mainly because HUF doesn’t tend to release to much material. In addition, HUF isn’t like THE HUNDREDS, where everyone will have or want a cap once a new drop comes. Therefore HUF takes the underdog brand award for this month.


3. MILKCRATE “Bark” Snapback Cap

MILKCRATE has always impressed me with their designs and especially this one. The “Bark” hat is dope to me because you won’t see someone with a Brown and White comfortable looking snapback everyday, and you sure as hell won’t expect them to know the CRATE.


2. MNTRY “Logo” Snapback Cap

This is the perfect “short and sweet” simple design cap I love. A dope example to all those cap designers that like to crowd their hats with embroideries, patch, buttons, beer/soda holders, iPod sleeves, built-in Sirius XM radio, etc.


1. DOSES x MLB “LA Dodgers: Retro Lizard Leather” Snapback Cap

Officially the best snapback cap of March. The bill design is stellar and the color scheme of the whole cap is perfect. Also the retro “Dodgers” logo on the front crown is a great throwback touch. I don’t think a hat in March was even close to this. Shouts to DOSES on the design!

So, do you agree? Disagree? Hate or love anything I said? Let us know in the c-section.

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