FRESH.I.AM “Fukk” Snapback Cap

//FRESH.I.AM “Fukk” Snapback Cap
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FRESH.I.AM “Fukk” Snapback Cap

If you live anywhere in New York City and hang around the urban fashion scene or just love to Tumblr surf then most likely you’ve either seen or heard of FRESH.I.AM‘s “Fukk” snapback cap. This all-Black-everything hat is apart of the State of Mind snapback collection which features 10 different caps.

Their purpose is to act as a simultaneous representation and reflection of the current state of things whose definitions enjoy the ability to fluctuate depending on context, intent and delivery. While coming across as a physical representation of our wants, needs and desires, the sole purpose is to make a singular statement that drips with a variety of interpretations.

As shown above the setup is quite simple, inspired by a vintage look. Features include a Black backdrop and bill along with “FUKK” stitched in large White letters. No lipstick woman included. Get yours today HERE.





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