Maui’s Top Snapbacks of April

//Maui’s Top Snapbacks of April
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Maui’s Top Snapbacks of April

Hey, I’m a little late but, better late than never. It’s that time of the month again where I present my top 5 favorite snapback caps of the month, and this go around we have a few new faces. Before we begin please remember: each of these will be rated in order from worst of the best (5) to the best of the best (1). In addition, If you like any of the caps I mentioned and would like to purchase, just click on the cap name below the applicable photo.


5. SUPERB “Strongevity” Snapback Cap

The brand’s motto explains that only the superb survive, and I remember this being the standout of SUPERB’s, well… very superb catalogue of caps. The leather bill might not have my favorite color but the 3D embroidery of the “S” and Blue backdrop easily makes up for it. Great overall style. Well done.


4. THE WHOLENINE BRAND x 7UNION “Golden Era” Snapback Cap

I had to stare at this cap for a while to get it. Honestly. As Woody said in his interpretation of this cap, the hat represents “The Golden Era” of all snapbacks. So why wouldn’t I like it?


3. DAILY DOSES Original Snapback Collection

Over the past few months, DAILY DOSES has bombarded our site—in a good way—with their amazing reinventions of tired team snapbacks (you know, like the dreaded cliche NBA Chicago Bulls cap). So when I got word that the brand had created their very own collection of hats, it wasn’t too surprising. Each of the 6 hats have their own flavor and I personally love the “Ostrich” billed cap but every build is really stellar. It’s great how a brand can bring such original flavor to a style that’s quickly becoming over-saturated.


2. ILLAMERICA “Illroots Bordeaux” Snapback Cap

Not only do I love that the ILLAMERICA team used rapper Travis $cott as hat model, but after following the ILLROOTS blog since I was 14, it’s great to see how far the hip-hop blog has come. Especially with their merchandise. I’ll admit. There’s not much to look at with this cap however that’s were imagination comes in.


1. ADEEN NYC “Arale” Snapback Cap

I always visualized the “Arale” as the snapback version of Jeremy Scott’s infamous ObyO Wings shoes (HERE). I might not where this in the street (ehhh Fashion Week?) but the boldness of the cap just makes it dope enough for me to drop a pretty penny on it and c’mon… who doesn’t want wings?

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