ADIDAS x NBA “New York Knicks 1986 Anniversary Draft” Snapback Cap

Posted by Varsity, May 27th, 2012 01:05 am under Adidas, Game, NBA, Preview

ADIDAS creates a New York Knicks 1986 Anniversary Draft snapback cap to reflect, and commemorate the “glory days” so to speak. As of late, a lot of Lin and Carmelo merch has been put into production, and to be frank- retro, throwback, and vintage needs to be another set of projects on these companies’ list. What could be better than showing up to Knick games with throwback Knick gear on? This Adidas Classics snapback is solid Knick Blue, with “Knicks” in script on the front of the cap, and has the classic Adidas logo above the snaps to the rear. It’s a really simply cap with a clear message. Check out more of the cap below, and hit “BUY NOW” at the bottom of the page to get yours.


Adidas New York Knicks Snapback


Anybody know the color of the bottom of the brim?