DREAMBIRDS “Dream” Snapback Cap Preview

Posted by Maui, May 31st, 2012 01:05 am under Preview

“Dream as your foundation of hope, Create something you love & live happy in the Future.” Started at June 2009, when Abinara resigned from one of the top clothing company in Jakarta and met Prisa Rianzi who’s a multi talented artist. Abinara taught Prisa how to draw and the ethics of tradisional art while Prisa taught Abinara as well about the world of business and having faith in their abilities to create a bigger impact in art culture.

On August they agreed to run a clothing company, and started searching a good and memorable name. At first they were ready to use “WOLFLOVESBUNNY” but then just like other companies, they changed it for some reasons, and it keep on changing until finally at December 2009, they had an owl that made them realized they had a common interest in animals especially birds.

They struggled and through their “Dreams” could achieve anything. “Birds” can fly to extravagant heights, no matter where they are. Hence DREAMBIRDS ARTWEAR.

This snapback cap is quite simple and is apart of their Nocturnal League 2012 collection to be released soon. For now just check out the “Dream” snapback cap below.