Maui’s Top Snapbacks of May

Posted by Maui, June 1st, 2012 06:06 am under Humor, Opinion

I’m baaaaack, and I got some dope snapback caps with me. The best of the best for the month of May, couldn’t say it better any other way. Before we begin, remember: each of these will be rated in order from worst of the best (5) to the best of the best (1). In addition, If you like any of the caps I mentioned and would like to purchase, just click on the cap name below the applicable photo. So, first up…


5. AURORA “Serif” Snapback Cap

AURORA has only two snapbacks available, I would post my favorite however I posted it last month so to stay true, I chose my second favorite. The “Serif” cap is a little formal for me however that’s what I find great about it. Simple and sweet.


4. BSKY “Black Maybe” Snapback Cap

I’m not a sucker for corny hat concepts but BROOKLYN SKY‘s “Black Maybe” cap was the first to impress me. If you didn’t know; this cap uses the phrase off of one of my favorites from Common from his acclaimed LP, Finding Forever. It contains a sample from singer Syreeta whom used the same title for her song on her self titled album in 1972. Its based off the concept of preferential treatment towards Caucasian Americans over African Americans. In instances where a White person would be undoubtedly told “Yes,” a Black person would be told “Maybe” or “No.”


3. AMPAL CREATIVE Spring/Summer ’12 Snapback Cap Collection

AMPAL CREATIVE pulled through this month with a brand new collection of snapback caps. They’ve become one of my favorite brands not only because their plethora of backdrops but their caps’ designs as well. Especially the one shown above.


2. CENTRE “The Skyline” Snapback Cap

If your looking for a high quality cap, then you should check out CENTRE. I will honestly say I would never wear this hat however the design and look is dope and I might recommend it to someone else.


1. FRESH.I.AM “Fukk” Snapback Cap

If you live anywhere in New York City and hang around the urban fashion scene or just love to Tumblr surf then most likely you’ve either seen or heard of FRESH.I.AM‘s “Fukk” snapback cap. Although it’s simple, there really is nothing like this cap around.

So, do you agree? Disagree? Hate or love anything I said? Let us know in the c-section.