101 APPAREL “The Beat Generation” Snapback Cap

//101 APPAREL “The Beat Generation” Snapback Cap

101 APPAREL “The Beat Generation” Snapback Cap

“Jack Kerouac was a maverick novelist, poet, essayist and all around forward thinking entity. Although the word ‘beat’ had meant being down and out, Kerouac transformed the meaning and coined the term ‘Beat Generation’ to refer to his fellow artists as beatific, and being ‘on the beat.'”

101 APPAREL connects the generation of the MPC 2000, sequencers, samplers with a focused snapback cap for the rest of us. Paying homage to the good ol’ drum set, “The Beat Generation” embroidery sits right above two drumsticks. In addition, this 6-panel is available in two colorways: Black on White and White on Black. Get yours today HERE.



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