DURKL “2047” Snapback Cap

//DURKL “2047” Snapback Cap
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DURKL “2047” Snapback Cap

DURKL® is currently sold in 100 boutiques internationally however their hometown is our nation’s capital; Washington DC. “Through the unique culture of our nation’s capital, [they] strive to inject our original city lifestyle into creating authentic and relevant clothing for today, while progressing year to year.” We’re pretty sure DURKL will last longer than “2047” but just in case the world really does end at the end of this year (2012), then DURKL is thinking ahead showing their progression “year to year” with this snapback cap.

On the front crown embroidered is “2047” in colored string depending on the colorway chosen. Only Black and Navy Blue is currently available. Get your very own HERE.




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