TUC “OG TUC” Snapback Cap

//TUC “OG TUC” Snapback Cap
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TUC “OG TUC” Snapback Cap

What do you think of when someone asks you about streetwear in NY? You’d probably think of SUPREME. What about San Francisco? You’d probably say BENNY GOLD. But what about Tucson, Arizona? Hmm… puzzles you right?

TUC (or The Underestimated City) strives to become that signature brand for the AZ. Iz of TUC believes that his city has failed to represent because of the ack of quality in clothing. His brand hopes to destroy that reputation one product release at a time.

The “OG TUC” snapback cap is just an introduction to the brand’s high quality, durable, and dope apparel. As shown above, there are three colorways available including: a Dark Beige, Red/Black, and an all-Black everything cap. Each feature windows, and the TUC logo, similar to the San Francisco Giants logo. Get yours HERE.




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