MITCHELL & NESS x NBA “Brooklyn Nets” Snapback Cap

Posted by Varsity, July 2nd, 2012 11:07 pm under Mitchell & Ness, NBA

My fellow Brooklynites know that not exactly the NBA’s newest team, but definitely getting the face lift of a lifetime, the new Brooklyn Nets will be moving into the Barclays Center in September 2012. Read more about the new Brooklyn Nets team and newly constructed Barclays Center HERE. To commemorate the new team and their move from New Jersey, MITCHELL & NESS has finally created their version of the Brooklyn Nets snapback cap. I hope all of you Brooklyn Nets, NBA, and snapback fans are just excited as I am about the cap. It’s an all White cap with the teams name in capital Black letters. You’ll find the NBA logo on the left side of the cap, and Mitchell & Ness’ signature above the snaps to the rear.


M&N Brooklyn Nets Snapback