MEMPHIS MAY FIRE “I Wrestled A Bear Once” Snapback Cap

Posted by Maui, July 10th, 2012 04:07 am under Music

Far from “small-town” band, “MEMPHIS MAY FIRE have consistently pushed the envelope to redefine both themselves and the various sub-genres they’ve made their mark within. 2009’s ‘Sleepwalking’ full-length yielded no exception as the band ventured into the territory of Post-Hardcore/Southern Rock with no reservations.” On the Black front crown is a White logo with Lime Green eyelets and a under bill. If you want yours now, don’t hesitate! Click HERE.




I don't believe there is anywhere that offers this hat anymore and that's a disappointing fact. I own one of these hats from Warped Tour a few years back. I've owned and worn this hat since the day I got it. It's become a keepsake at this point. Now this hat that I have is falling apart. The bill has tearing at the corner, the top has lost its form and the strap is cracked and hanging on by a thread. I've searched all around for someone who may be able to restore this hat back to its prime. All attempts have been unsuccessful so I have resorted to buying a replacement. As your website says, it's seems production on this particular hat has stopped and you are out of stock. I'm here to plea to whom it may concern that I may somehow have this particular hat be made once more. I don't know who has that kind of power or how much it may cost, but I am willing to pay a good price to keep a special treasure around a little longer. My email is and Logan Is my name. If anyone sees this, I do not expect anything to come of it, but I do beg humbly that I could know whether my efforts are to no avail or otherwise. Thank you to whom it may concern