5-Panel Fridays: GYPSY SPORT “Camo Plaid” Cap

//5-Panel Fridays: GYPSY SPORT “Camo Plaid” Cap
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5-Panel Fridays: GYPSY SPORT “Camo Plaid” Cap

Hailing from New York City is GYPSY SPORT with a specialization in customizing 5-panels. With patterns ranging from Floral to Plaid and Camo, there are a couple selections to choose from. Today specifically we’ve chosen the “Camo Plaid” arrangement.

There are two set-ups including one with a Camo body and Plaid bill and the other with the inverse (Plaid body, Camo bill). As standard for 5-panels on the right and left there are two eyelets for airflow. Get yours today exclusively on their online store HERE.



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