MISHKA “Jurrasic & City of God” 5-Panel Cap

Posted by Maui, July 25th, 2012 06:07 am under 5 Panel

Who doesn’t want to cover themselves in dinosaurs? They’re Mesozoic death machines, colossal badasses, and despite the superhighway of gored carcasses they leave in their wake, they’re still capable of utterly melting our hearts. Us here at Мишка already hooked up your torso, back, writing utensils and the contents of your pockets with some prehistoric all-over-print goodness, but until now anything above your shoulders didn’t get an invite to the party. That ends today, ’cause the Jurassic 5-Panels (in Bone and Navy) are in the building! Featuring the fossilized remains of some of the most terrible lizards to walk the earth, the caps are fresh enough to get you into clubs and paleontology conventions alike. Don’t worry though, Littlefoot and his buddies aren’t among the bones.” MISHKA is selling them now on their website exclusively HERE.