THE HUNDREDS “Dinger Khaki” Snapback Cap

Posted by Varsity, August 1st, 2012 12:08 am under Skate

While you may all be very familiar with THE HUNDREDS apparel, you also closely associate The Hundreds with the skate scene. But, the Khaki Dinger snapback cap is in fact referring to a baseball team. On the front of the cap is the team’s mascot, a buffalo. Of course, to add to the vintage character, “T” & “H” are added as a front embroidery. On the right side of the cap, the quote says “Last of the Buffalo,” which I’m pretty sure is referring to the teams motto. The Khaki colored crown is paired with a Black bill, Black button top, and set of Black snaps to the rear of the cap. Check out alternate views below, and leave comments letting us know what you think.


The Hundreds Dinger Khaki Snapback