+FRESH.I.AM+ “Bleached Love” Snapback Cap

//+FRESH.I.AM+ “Bleached Love” Snapback Cap
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+FRESH.I.AM+ “Bleached Love” Snapback Cap

“Void of color, void of confusion. What you see is fake and what you feel is real. Death and birth are the same, stop thinking with your body. White is the void and black is pure.” FRESH.I.AM returns with their new Miami White “Bleached Love” snapback cap. This cap is apart of the LOVE state of mind collection. A group of hats that display the reflection of love.

Keeping it simple, the backdrop is all-White-everything with “Love” stitched onto the front in Black. This is a limited run with only 60 pieces available. Order yours now at http://market.freshiam.net/.



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